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To keep our homes in good working order, they need to be well maintained. Sometimes something unforeseen will happen that may require a repair to the home. Unfortunately, many people have busy lifestyles, so they cannot spend as much time on home maintenance as they need, some people have medical conditions that make it difficult to do maintenance work on their property. Whatever your needs our property maintenance Gloucestershire based experts are here to help you.

✓ Water damage repairs

✓ Rotten wood repairs

✓ General Plumbing

✓ Interior repairs

✓ Exterior repairs

✓ Maintenance

water damage repairs cheltenham
home repairs cheltenham

From general home maintenance such as plumbing, electrical, building work and general home improvements, to large repair jobs such as water damage, wood rot, flooring repairs and repairs to the interior and exterior of the property, we can help. We can take care of commercial and residential property maintenance issues, and we complete all work to a high standard and will respond to the problem as quickly as possible.


We will arrange to meet with you when it is convenient to discuss what needs to be done and for one of our experts to assess the problem to ensure that we complete the job thoroughly and safely. We pride ourselves on our honest and cost-effective service, paying attention to detail and completing the work as quickly as possible.


Our many happy customers trust us repeatedly to provide them the very best service, as a property maintenance Gloucestershire based company we cover the whole county. We know that a high standard of service is important and our experienced repairs team will be there to listen to your needs and to maintain and repair your property in a friendly, speedy and professional manner.

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