Flooring Installation Cheltenham

If you feel that your floor has seen better days, we are here to help you. We offer a wide range of flooring services so whatever your requirements get in touch to see how we can help you. Whether you have a damaged floor, need a different style flooring due to a change in lifestyle, or simply feel that your floor is in need of an update, we are very experienced with a wide variety of flooring installation and repairs.

✓ Carpet installation

✓ Bathroom re-tiling

✓ Floorboard repairs

✓ Flooring replacements

✓ Floor repairs

✓ Laminate flooring installation

laminate flooring installation cheltenham
bathroom tiling cheltenham

Our expertise ranges from complete flooring replacements, such as a complete bathroom re-tiling, new carpets and lino laying and laminate flooring to repair work such as fixing broken tiles, floor board repairs and rot and water damage repairs.


When it comes to flooring, we know that it is important the it suits your lifestyle, as well as looking great and most importantly is installed to a high standard. You may be looking for a floor that is easier to clean or fits in more with your home’s style. Before we begin installing any flooring for you we will arrange for one of our Gloucestershire flooring installers to visit your home and discuss your flooring needs with you to ensure that your flooring requirements can be met and can also advise you and answer any questions about flooring that you may have.


When it comes to repairing your floors, you wouldn’t trust just anyone to do it. This is why our team are trained and skilled in a huge variety of flooring repairs, ranging from large repair jobs to smaller ones. Our flooring repair team have skills that range from repairing broken tiles, fixing broken and damaged wooden flooring and floorboards and dealing with rot and water damaged flooring. We aim to complete the work in as timely a manner as we can, whilst doing a thorough and professional repair job.


If you have any flooring needs that you would like us to help you with, please get in touch with us to arrange an initial appointment to discuss your requirements

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